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  The region has one of the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean, it would be a shame not to explored it.

Cure thalasso:

    Mahdia offers several spa centers with interesting prices 30% even lower on average than those in France..

Olive oil  :

    Mahdia is renowned for the quality of its olive oil with nearly 150 oil mills in the region. We therefore propose a visit to an oil mill and a more traditional and modern oil tasting.

Weekly local Market:

    Every Friday morning Mahdia welcoms the largest market in the region where one can admire the spices corner of spices, fabrics, utensils, antiques, imported goods, crafts, second hand clothing and other kinds of products.

What'is funny and it's an old tradition is bargaining.

Water Sports :

   Mahdia offers many sports activities such as jet skiing , parachuting, scuba diving and boat,sailing.
There is also a professional diving school offering the beginners the opportunity to jump into the sea water and the professional divers to enjoy the color of marine life.


    Several festivals are held in Mahdia in summer, such as the festival of the sea.

The caravane :

    Camel ride in the back country.

Riding : 

    Ride in the back country.

The Quad :

    Walk in the countryside with a stop at the edge of a salt lake and contemplate the sunset.

A boat trip on board a pirate ship with tasting fish and swim off.

The Amphitheatre of El Jem:

    An example of the occupation of the Roman Empire in Tunisia is the El jem Coliseum.
It is one of the very inpressive Coliseum and considered as the best preserved monument in the world, even more maintained than Rome Coliseum ,although it was subject to litigation and looting thoughout the 

It was built in the year 232 BC by the Emperor Gordian, and has a capacity of 30,000 people. The city of El Jem is located south of Tunis, 60 km north of Sfax.

Now,it has become a tourist attraction, and also used for entrtainment, including music festival in summer. Spectators and visitors are assured the sound quality and musical charm, it's just a great.